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Go-Shiki/5 color Gem Mamori Bracelet

Origin and meaning of Go-shiki/ 5 colours: Masakaki and Go-Shiki..the set of Sakaki (Japonicus-thumb, sacred evergreen) with 5 color banners and Sanshu-no-Jingi (3 treasures, sword, jewel and mirror) that stand in Shinto Shrines and sometimes to left and right of Kamidana* (home shrine)..... the meaning of Masakaki comes from the Kamiyo (Kami age/ mythological time) when AMATERASUOMIKAMI (Sun Deity) had secluded herself in Ame-no-Iwa- Ya (heavenly rock dwelling/cave)..at that time all the Amatsu Kami (Heavenly Kami) cooperated with each other to bring about the return of Light. Ame-no-Koyane-no-Mikoto and Futo-Dama-no-Mikoto brought the 500 branch true sakaki trees as offering, hanging the divine e jewels in the upper branches, the divine mirror in the mid branches and cloth offerings on the lower branches. Ame-no-Hazuchi-wo-O-Kami wove cloth of many colours, these pacificatory offerings are the origin of the Masakaki.....as for the colours, the 5 colors represent the 4 directions + center:

Go-shiki Mamori Bracelets

MAGATAMA: the spirallic jewel form of Magatama is the fundamental structure of creation.....from the infinite expanse of the Great Nature, sprouting like a reed comes the primal formation of the spiral form...our human forms echoes this process in the womb....Shinto, from remote antiquity could intuit that all life and growth from the form of Galaxies to the path of photons (light) follow the spiral form of materialization.

Mitsudomoe (symbol of Shrine Shinto) can also be called "Mikubitama" and consists of:

Black (purple) means North (Ara Mitama)
Blue (green) means East (Kushi Mitama)
Red means South (Sachi Mitama)
White means West (Nigi Mitama)
Yellow means the sacred Center (Nao-Hi =sun rays)

wearing the Goshiki mamori bracelet is the like the continuous reminder of the prayer of MIKUSA NO OHARAHI/ Three sources of Purification Prayer

Live in harmony with the way of Great Nature,
moving with its changes
Tō kami
Emi tame

North, northeast, east, southeast
south, southwest, west, northwest˜
from all corners of the universe,

Take away all impurities of my self,
my home, and the world.
Harahi tamae
Kiyome de tamō

As Sarutahiko Okami is Kunitsu Kami Oyagami/ ancestor Kami of all Earthly Kami as well Dousoujin/Michibikikami/ Kami of the way, guidance and opening the path when we stand firmly centered on the Earth receiving sacred sunshine  we can make correct progress on our individual life paths. Go-shiki-mamori bracelets mean to stand in the current moment in the divine center and receive power from Earth and Heaven. These mamori bracelets are made of very high quality hand carved gemstones. The semi precious gems are of "AA+ " grade. The power gems used are:

Black/purple = murasaki suisyo/amethyst. Highest colour vibration/ healing stone....Amethyst means both love and also stimulates the intellectual side of your life while calming your nervous system. Amethyst meaning is also reveal hidden charm and abilities.. Increases activity of right-side brain - purifies blood - reinforces immune function - increases psychic skills and intuition - peaceful mind.   

Blue/ Green = Hisui/jade Calming, dispel misfortune, bravery in face of adversity, increased patience, protection of love and friendship. Jade was prized more highly than gold.  green jade is the most highly sought after and its color comes from chromium.... green Jade enhances healing of both the emotional and physical. It is linked to the heart and is said to enhance prosperity and abundance and especially longevity

Red = Carnelian is to energize the blood. Excellent for both being in the moment and motivation to make correct choices, decisions and movement. Known as the most powerful ACTION gem---self-actualization--stimulating analytical capabilities, precision and motivation.  

White = clear suisyo/crystal  is for harmony and protection Clear Quartz has very strong powers of protection as it can absorb negative energies and harmonize KI of the wearer and enhance power. It has the ability to transmit and receive energy. In transmission, it can amplify, focus, and direct the energy. In receiving, it can store energy for later use, transform it into any usable condition, screen out unwanted vibrations and purify, calm and balance/centre one's own Ki

Yellow = Ki iro hisui/ yellow jade  jade used for millennia as the ultimate symbol of calm, serene joy. Connected to spirituality, longevity, positive fortune and prosperity -- yellow jade means joy, confidence and self assurance.

Go-shiki mamori bracelets are available in 2 sizes:  
large -8mm bead at $50.00 and small- 8mm bead at $50.00
(8mm is about 1/3 inch)