We participate in Matsuri (Festivals) to enjoy blessings of Okami
Nen-chu-gyo-ji (year-around-discipline-rituals) means the yearly cycle of events at the Shinto Shrine. These seasonal observances make up the cycle of activities for the Shrine Staff and members and friends from year to year. The central events are the Taisai or great festivals of the shrine. The yearly cycle follows a rhythm from remote antiquity into the future and reflects gratitude and connection to Great Nature as well as a connecting us to a time when spiritual activity, productive activity, recreation and family life were inseperable.

Please feel free to download a copy of our 2015 calendar.

Schedule 2015

January 2015

December 31, 2014 and January 1 - 4, 2015 Hatsumode 2015
First shrine visit of New Year

Every one can receive Okami’s Blessing /
good luck for new year.

Dec. 31 (Wed), 2014
Open gate- 11:30pm-0:30 of Jan. 01
SAITANSAI (first ceremony of new year ) at midnight

Jan. 01 (Thu), 2015
Open gate – 9:30am-5pm
Oharae(ceremony) Every 45min.
10:30, 11:15, 12:00, 12:45, 1:30, 2:15, 3:00, 3:45

Jan .02(Fri), 2015
Open gate – 10am-4:00pm
Oharae(ceremony) Every hour.
11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00

Jan. 03 (Sat), 2015
Open gate – 10am-4:00pm
Oharae(ceremony) Every hour.
11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00

Jan. 04 (Sun), 2015
Open gate – 10am-4:00pm
Individual ceremony available. Min. $20/person

  1. We will close gate for security except Open gate time.
    Shrine ground will be open when gate is open.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
  2. No pets allowed on the shrine ground. Please keep them in your car.
Dec. 31 (Wed) - Jan. 03 (Sun)
You can enjoy
1) Free hot tea on the shrine ground
2) Purchase omamori (amulet), ofuda, hamaya, omikuji etc….
on the shrine ground without receiving ceremony.

1st 800 people who receive ceremony will be given "Good luck candy"

Please prepare ceremony fee, minimum $10.00 per person. (Including babies.)


January 18 - Koshinsatsutakiageshiki- purification and burning of used amulets
Registration is at 10:30 AM, ceremony will begin from 11:00. Renewal is central to Shinto thinking. Things received from the Shinto Shrine such and Ofuda (Symbols of OKami) and Omamori (amulets imbued with protective power of OKami) are generally renewed after one year. As the Ofuda and Omamori of the previous year have worked hard to bring OKami’s Ki and protection to us and we are very grateful and don’t merely discard them at the end of their working lives…we return them to the Jinja where they can be purified completely and then burned. The ceremony to purify the energy of the previous year feels so renewing and we can enjoy the fresh feeling from new Ofuda, Gofu and Omamori.

February 2015

February 1 - Setsubunnsai- Season division, astrological opening of new year
Registration at 10:30AM. Ceremony begins at 11:00 AM Setsubun-sai, commonly known as"O-mame-maki"( the bean throwing festival) is a very popular New Years ritual related to the old calendar. The literal meaning of Setsubun is "season division",coming at the end of "Kan"(coldest season)....Kan lasts 30 days and includes Daikan (major cold) and Shokan (minor cold) . With the season finale comes Setsubun and the feeling of the beginning of Spring and the agricultural year. The ceremony begins at Tsubaki America Shrine with a ritual purification,offerings and prayers of gratitude to OKami led by the Shinto Priest. Then participants move outside the shrine and the Tsubaki Kannagara Guuji shoots 3 hama-ya (misfortune dispelling arrows) to purify the past/present/future. Then adults and children attending throw the "Daizu" (soybeans) while shouting "Fuku wa uchi, Oni wa soto" (Good luck in...bad luck out).After the celebrants scatter the soybeans they follow an age-old tradition and eat toasted soybeans....each one eating as many beans as his or her own age plus one more....the extra bean stands for the new year beginning. Special note of this years ceremony is that we are anticipating the arrival of 3 Oni to Shrine Grounds....children and adults can chase away these Oni by Mamemaki...

February 22 - Yakuyoke Taisai- critical age purification ceremony
Registration is at 10:30 AM, ceremony will begin from 11:00. MISFORTUNE PURIFICATION...a ceremony to purify or dispel misfortune...according to the "Kigaku" (or Shinto divination method) the ages of 25 and 42 for men and 19 and 33 for women are considered "Yakudoshi"or dangerous year...the years 42 for men and 33 for women are considered "Taiyaku"or grand climactic years with the preceding year "Maeyaku" and the following year :Atoyaku"requiring a special ceremony also.THESE AGES ARE ACCORDING TO KAZOEDOSHI.....(counting system where one is 1 year old at birth) . Ceremony fee is from $30 (and omamori included)

2015年 厄年の方
Critical Year in 2015



Year of  Birth


満 年齢

40 (前厄)
41 (本厄)
42 (後厄)

Year of  Birth



31 (前厄)
32 (本厄)
33 (後厄)

March 2015


April 2015

April 5 - Shyunki Taisai / Great Spring Ceremony
Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America will conduct the SHYUNKI TAISAI (Great Spring Ceremony) on April 5th from 11:00 AM (registration will be from 10:30). This sacred Shinto ceremony is one of the two times each year when the doors of the inner shrine are opened. Then the special Hatsuhoryo/Kensen (food offerings) including Ocha are offered to Okami (spirit of progress in harmony with Nature). Then the Shinto Priest offers prayers for everyone's health, happiness, safety, prosperity and safe passage through these unsettled times. Then Kamisama and guests can enjoy the musical gift of Kin-ie Shamisen offered by Mr. Jon Anderson. Please celebrate the Spring Season at Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America.

April 24, 25 and 26 - Kannagara Aiki Taisai
Annual Aikido Gasshuku featuring the Ireisai (Memorial for Mitama of Aiki Founder), Aikido Training, Misogi Shuho and Shinto Meditation.

Friday April 24
Registration and open Mat: 5:00 to 6:00 PM
Aiki Keiko and Yuuhai: 6:00 to 8:30
Group dinner in Granite Falls

Saturday April 25
Misogi Shuho: 8:00 am
Chouhai (morning ceremony): 9:00
Chinkonsai (Shinto active meditation) 9:30
Aiki Keiko: 10:00 to 1:00
IREISAI (Memorial for Mitama of O’Sensei: AIKO-NO-MIKOTO) 1:15
Naorae (potluck party) at Tsubaki House: 6:00 to 10:00

Sunday April 26
Misogi Shuho 8:30
Chouhai 9:30
Chinkonsai 10:00
Asagohan (Japanese breakfast [Mrs. Chika Barrish will prepare) at Kaikan 10:30 to 11:00
Aiki Keiko: 11:00 to 1:30

Click to download 2015 year flyer

May 2015


DURING THE MONTH OF MAY - Kodomo-no-O-Harae/Prayer for Children's safe growth & protection
During the month (by appointment) of May the Special Children's Oharae will be offered. Children receiving this prayer will also receive Omamori (amulet)

June 2015

June 28 - Nagoshi-no-Oharahi Taisai / Great mid year purification
Great Mid Year Ceremony. registration from 10:30 AM, Taisai from 11:00 This is one of the most enjoyable and interesting ceremonies and important days of Great Purification during the yearly cycle...during this ceremony the Oharahi-no-Kotoba (the most important words of Shinto) is read facing the sanpaisa instead of Shinzen and participants receive the Kirinusa Oharae (Oharahi Shinji)....this Taisai employs the sacred instruments of Katashiro (paper effigy/hitogata) and Chi-no-Wa (reed hoop) to purify any unfortunate Ki from first 1/2 of the year and then to receive fresh Ki/ power of Nature to successfully pass through the second 1/2 of the year...after the Chi-no-Wa Shinji participants can see the purified Katashiro go into the Mountain River (Katashiro Shinji).

July 2015

August 2015

from 10:30 AM till 1:00. Tsubaki Jinja Gosaijin is Okitama Sarutahiko Okami who is Reiki Oyagami (ancestor Kami of Reiki).

September 2015

Sep 12-13 - ENMA Aki Matsuri and Mikoshi Festival in Bellevue East Side Nihon Matsuri at BCC with Omikoshi event at noon on Saturday Sep 12, 2015.
Tsubaki America Mikoshi Ceremony and Procession will be from noon on Sat...please participate in the only Mikoshi Matsuri in North America...also we will have the booth for both days, please come by to say hello and receive information of Jinja Shinto and Japanese Culture.

October 2015

October 11 - Shyuuki Taisai / Great Fall Festival
Great Fall Ceremony. Reception is from 10:30 AM, Ceremony at 11:00 AM. One of the 2 times each year that the doors of the Honden (inner shrine) are opened and special food including new rice is offered to OKami. Also Silk Strings Koto Ensemble will offer the concert to OKami that we can all enjoy as well.

November 2015


November 15 - Schichi-Go-San Taisai
Registration from 10:30am, Ceremony at 11:00am
Blessing will be made for children, boys ages 3 and 5, girls ages 3 and 7......this very important life-cycle event is one of the most popular in Japan...when parents take their children who are dressed in their best clothes (hare-gi) to the local shrine to offer gratitude and pray for contiued safe growth and development. Children attending this event receive the special 7-5-3 OMAMORI-SAN and the CHITOSE AME/ long-life candy in a colorful bag with many special images on it...this makes the very happy childhood memory. Those wishing to receive this special prayer who cannot attend the Taisai can make the appointment during the month of November.

December 2015

December 12 - Replacing All Shimenawa and Shide

December 13 - Oharahishiki
Registration at 10:30am, Ceremony at 11:00am
This "Great Day of Purifying the Root of Misfortune" is one of the two occasions/year that the Nakatomi-no-O-Harahi is read facing sanpaishya rather the Shinzen...sanpaishya also receive the Harai of "Kiri-Nusa".....on this occasion sanpaishya receive the "Jibarai-no-Gohei" which is capable of absorbing the tookodori (stale/obscuring energy/ki) which is then purified and the Jibarai Gohei is burned by the Shinto Priests .....please attend with your family and friends to prepare for the New Year......for people unable to attend who would like to participate please contact the shrine in order to receive the Gohei (after use it is sent back to the shrine for the Koshinsatatsutakeageshiki {purification/burning ritual}).
JIBARAI-NO-GOHEI: directions for use are:
please purify the impurities (tsumi/kegare) of the Year with this Gohei (1 per family)
each Family member hold the wooden stick of the Gohei and swing left/right/left around the shoulders (one by one)
if you do not attend O-HARAHI-SHIKI please bring the Gohei back to the shrine during your will then be purified and burned in Mid January during KOSHINSATSUTAKEAGESHIKI.