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Omamori are "yearly protective amulets" imbued with OKamisama's Fuku (Good Luck, protective power, blessings). Each Omamori represents a different kind of protection, and is additionally purified in the Heiden (Hall of Offerings) of the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America before being packaged and shipped. If you would like to purchase Omamori, please contact the shrine by phone at (360) 691-6389 or email us. Also, used amulets/ofuda etc can be returned to the Jinja to be included in the
Koshinsatsutakiageshiki, the ceremony to purify and burn amulets of previous years.

Hada Omamori

These general purpose omamori come in four colors and are meant to protect from harm, misfortune and illness.


Housaiyoke Omamori

These provide protection from misfortune associated with unlucky directional forces.


Michihiraki Omamori

These are meant as a life compass, aiding in always finding the best path in life.


Kubosa Omamori
Business success -in shinto thinking business success is based on kyoson kyoei, mutual coexistance and prospariety, the advancement of life.


Yakuyoke Omamori

In life's journey, these are meant for people in "critical ages". For men, these ages are 25, 41, 42, and 43. For women, these ages are 19, 32, 33 and 34. The energy of the Kami will disperse misfortune associated with these periods of change or uncertainty and add stability.


Kotsu Anzen Omamori

Personal safety travel amulet - can be keyholder or attached to Child's book bag. available in Blue or Red


Kotsu Anzen Omamori

Kotsu Anzen Omamori- Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami is also known as Dousoujin (Kami of the Way/Road) and is the protective Kami for all travelers--this Omamori is like the Ofuda for your vehicle.


Kodomo Omamori

Protective amulet for Children


Shiawase / しあわせお守り
Power of Happiness




To find and maintain the best relationship in life (life partner/spouse)


Anzan Omamori

This provides protective power for giving birth.


Kosazuke Mamori

Amulet for families wishing to have the baby


Kanai Anzen Omamori

Special amulet for family protection


Gei no Omamori

For inspiration, success and protection for all artists and entertainers.


Gakutoku Omamori

Successful studies with true depth and breadth.


Gankake Omamori

Make a wish omamori. Hold it in one hand and pray your wish.


Byouki Heyu Omamori

Good Health and Recovery of Health


Kenkoh Omamori

This amulet means to keep your health and avoid illness


Choju Omamori

This amulet is for the Longevity (Long Life)



Tsubaki Suzu: $10
Kaiun "to open the path for good fortune"

Tengu Mayoke suzu: $10
Protective power of Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami

Shishi Mayoke suzu: $10
Protective power of AmenoUzumenoMikoto


Pet Omamori

Protective amulet for your pet.


Card Omamori

Convenient to carry in wallet or purse..front reads: Yakuyoke (protect from misfortune) Kaiun (open path for good fortune) Kagyouryushyou (family success and happiness). Back reads; Harae Tamae Kiyome Tamae Rokkonshyojo (purify and invigorate through all senses)


Sarutahiko Necklace/

Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami Necklace Omamori reads: Ise no Kuni Ichi no Miya (1st shrine of Ise region) Sarutahiko Daihonguu (Main/Primal Shrine of Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami) Tsubaki Grand Shrine. Shosai Kaijyo (purify misfortune) Kaiun (open path for good fortune) Shofuku (invite blessings of OKamisama)


Tsubaki America Okami Yashiro KOTSU ANZEN Sticker

Tsubaki America Okami Yashiro KOTSU ANZEN / traffic safety mamori sticker available... very high quality amulets for your vehicle are 3 1/2 inches in diameter. These mamori-stickers are only $5.00 (if we send there is an additional shipping charge). The sticker reads KO-TSU-AN-ZEN/ traffic safety and AMERICA TSUBAKI O KAMI YASHIRO/ Tsubaki America grand Shrine...the symbol is the shrine crest the Mitsu Domoe:Mitsu domoe it is the symbol of Shinto and the crest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine ...it means Musubi, the dynamic movement of life giving, generative forces of nature